Translation Associations in Belgium

LEXIS provides you with a list of the translation associations in Belgium.
Know more about how to join these translators associations and about its activities, conferences and foruns.

- AEP Copywriting

A.E.P. Copywriting is a copywriter association (FR + NL + ANG + ALL). These copywriters have at least 15 years of professionals experience in advertisement agencies. A.E.P. Copywriting also has a branch to meet your needs in all european languages.

- BQTA - Belgian Quality Translation Association
The Belgian Quality Translation Association is a non-profit making organisation founded in 1995 whose members are translation companies established in Belgium.

- Belgian Chamber of Translators, Interpreters and Philologist
The Membership of the Chamber is opened to any qualified translator, interpreter or philologist.It also maintains regular contacts with the legal authorities with a view to enhancing the status of the sworn translator/interpreter and ensuring and adequate remuneration for services rendered.

- EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies)
The EUATC is an umbrella organisation for national associations of translation companies throughout Europe, without being limited to the EU. Among other things, the EUATC provides a united voice for translation companies.
- European Association for Terminology
The European Association for Terminology is a non-profit professional organisation for the terminology sector in Europe in particular. It is designed to further plurilingualism through terminology, to provide a European platform for promoting and professionalising terminological activities and improving awareness of them, and to liaise and cooperate actively with other relevant organisations, associations and institutions at all levels.

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