Translators Associations in Brazil

LEXIS provides you with a list of the translation associations in Brazil.
Know more about how to join these translators associations and about its activities, conferences and foruns.

- ABRATES - Associação Brasileira de Tradutores

The ABRATES – Brasilian Translators Association is a professional association bringing together translation professionals and institutions. Its objective is to promote professional development, publish informations and incite exchange.
  - ACETESP - Associação Cearense de Tradutores Públicos
The ACETESP is a civil entity of a permanent character, uniting public translators and business interpreters named by the Junta Comercial do Estado do Ceará.

- APIC - Associação Profissional de Intépretes de Conferência
The APIC (Associação Paulista de Intérpretes de Conferência) was founded in 1971, it was born out of the need to bring together professionals who work as simultaneous or consecutive interpreters. All APIC interpreters are professionals working autonomously, contracted directly by conference oganizers who can also ask for assistance of an APIC interpreter-coordinator to help them form the team.

- Associação Brasileira de Locutores
The ABLAP is an association for Brasilian voice-overs and radio artists.

- Associação de Tradutores Juramentados de Minas Gerais - ATPMG

- Associação dos Cronistas e Locutores Esportivos do Pará
The Associação dos Cronistas e Locutores Esportivos do Pará – Aclep – was founded in 1969 and has since been a very active cell in the community.

- Associação Professional dos Traductores Públicos e Intérpretes Comerciais do Estado de São Paulo

Founded in 1963, the Associação Profissional dos Tradutores Públicos e Intérpretes Comerciais do Estado de São Paulo - ATPIESP, finally was created.

- ATPRIO - Associação Profissional de Tradutores Públicos e Intérpretes Comerciais, do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

- Clube da Voz
The professional voice-overs working in the advertisement field united in 1992 to make an old dream come true and created a private association to represent and defend their interests: the Clube da Voz.

- SINTRA - Sindicato Nacional dos Tradutores
The SINTRA association was founded in 1988 and since its registration to the Ministério do Trabalho e Previdência Social, representing translators and interpreters in the whole country.

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