Translation Associations in Italy

LEXIS provides you with a list of the translation associations in Italy.
Know more about how to join these translators associations and about its activities, conferences and foruns.

- AIDAC - Associazione Italiana Dialoghisti Adattatori Cinetelevisivi

The Association of Italian authors of the dialogues of foreign films, TV movies, TV serials and all other forms of audio-visual products.

- AITI - Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters
Within the objectives pursued by the FIT and accepted by its own statutes, the AITI seeks to: Promote the establishment of best benefits and working conditions of translators and interpreters and ensure compliance. Promote legislative initiatives and the recognition of a professional status, the copyright for translators and translation in the teaching of technical education institutions at various levels. Promote the professional development of translators and interpreters, the collection and dissemination of information concerning the occupation and collaboration with institutions training translators and interpreters.

- Alpha Beta Picadilly
Alpha Beta Piccadilly is a co-operative founded in 1987 to promote intercultural communication and encourage language learning in South Tyrol.

- ANIMU - Associazione Nazionale degli Interpreti di Lingua dei Segni Italiana
The ANIMU was founded in 1987.This association is a member of the EFSLI (European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters), the latter being since 1996 a member of the CNEL (Conselho Nacional da Economia e do Trabalho).

The ANIOS is a non profit organization providind interpretation services in the italian sign language.
- ANITI - Associazione Nazionale Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti translations
The Association hopes the legislative regulation of the Italian professional translator and interpreter and pursues the enhancement of professionalism of its members. Work both within its institutional members. It aims to clarify the relationship between professional translators and collection agencies work of translation. Want a fair and uniform regulation of the translators in the courts and the recognition of fair compensation.

- ANTIMI - Associazione Nazionale dei Traduttori e degli Interpreti del Ministero dell'Interno
The ANTIMI is the Home Affairs translators' and interpreters' association. It was founded in 2002 as a non-profit association.

- Associazione Italiana Servizi Linguistici
The FEDERLINGUE is a national association that brings together companies providinding translation and interpretation services, as well as language trainings.
- ASSOINTERPRETI - Associazione Nazionale Interpreti di Conferenza Professionisti
Founded in 1974, Assointerpreti, the Italian Association of Conference Interpreters, has a membership of practising professional simultaneous and consecutive interpreters from all over Italy.
- C.I.L.I.S - Cooperativa Interpreti di Lingua dei Segni Italiana
The CILIS is the only organization nationwide to be dedicated only to interpretation services for the deafs and heard-of-hearings.
- Federazione dei Centri di Traduzione ed Interpretariato
This first local organization of the interpretation and translation centers was founded in 1991. Soon its positive experience has brought together many other centers from different cities in Italy.

- La sezione traduttori del Sindacato Nazionale Scrittori
The Sezione Traduttori del Sindacato Nazionale Scrittori was founded in 2002 to support and deepen the presence of translation on the Italian edition market, the latter being highly involved with foreign literature. The association supports these professionals who work in very bad conditions when the cultural relevance of the services they provide is just fundamental.

- LDÜ-UPT - Landesverband der Übersetzer - Unione provinciale traduttori
The UPT/LDÜ is a professional association of translators who have been qualified at the university level. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of translation in South Tyrol/Alto Adige.

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