Translators Associations in Japan

LEXIS provides you with a list of the translation associations in Japan.
Know more about how to join these translators associations and about its activities, conferences and foruns.

- AAMTA (Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation)

The Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation was originally established on 17th April 1991, under the name of the Japan Association for Machine Translation. To expand its operations, the name was subsequently changed to the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation.

- Japan Translation Federation Incorporated

- JAT - Japan Association of Translators
The Japan Association of Translators (JAT) was founded in May 1985 as a means for individual translators to exchange information and insight, thereby helping each other not just to do a better job for their clients but a more rewarding one for themselves as well. In 2001 JAT became an incorporated non-profit organization under Japanese law.

- Medical Interpreters & Translators Association
MITA was founded in 1993 to promote the interests of medical communications specialists working between English and Japanese.

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