Translation Associations in Portugal

LEXIS provides you with a list of the translation associations in Portugal.
Know more about how to join these translators associations and about its activities, conferences and foruns.

- Associação Portuguesa de Empresas de Tradução (Portuguese Association of Translation Companies)
APET, founded in 1999, seeks to promote and dignify the activity of Portuguese translation companies, helping to project them in the public eye and defending their interests both at home and abroad.

- Associação Portuguesa de Tradutores
The Associação Portuguesa de Tradutores is a non-profit making organisation, founded in 1988, aiming at "protecting the rights and further the interests of translators”.

- Association of Conference Interpreters in Portugal
APIC is the Portuguese Association of Conference Interpreters founded in 1987. The objective behind this institutional framework was to ensure that the high standards of quality required for conference interpreting were met in Portugal.
- Association of the Portuguese Sign Language Interpreters
The Association of Interpreters of Portuguese Sign Language (AILGP) is a non-profit institution, founded in 1991, affiliated with the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters since 2000. It brings together certified interpreters of Portuguese Sign Language, being the only such organization in Portugal.

- ATeLP - Association of portuguese language translators
The ATeLP is a private non-profit association, founded in 2005 by a group of professionnals from different backgrounds linked to translation: ATeLP is a cultural and scientific association, aiming to cultivate, develop, promote, and broadcast the practice, the study, the teaching and research in translation as well as the diverse applications of this field, or the translation in general and specialised translation in particular, to the Portuguese language.
- Instituto Camões
The Instituto Camões was founded in 1992. It is the heir and the institutional successor of the Junta de Educação Nacional, created in 1929.

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