Translators Associations in Turkey

LEXIS provides you with a list of the translation associations in Turkey.
Know more about how to join these translators associations and about its activities, conferences and foruns.

- Birlesik Konferans Tercümanlari Dernegi

Conference Interpreters Association was established in 1969 in Istanbul, thereby taking the initial step to bring together professional conference interpreters under the umbrella of a professional organization. The Association broadened its membership in 1998 by including all professional conference interpreters in this sector and changed its name to The United Conference Interpreters Association (BKTD). In 2009, BKTD applied to the Ministry of the Interior to be formally recognized as the Conference Interpreters Association of Turkey. With the approval of our application by the Ministry in 2010, the Association changed its name to “The Conference Interpreters Association of Turkey” in April 2010.

- Çeviri Dernegi
The Association was founded, after considerable efforts, on 17th November 1999. As is clear from its name, the Association is a big step taken towards bringing together anyone working in the TRANSLATION sector, regardless of the domain he/she is engaged in.

- Edebiyat ve Ilim Eserleri Sahipleri Meslek Birligi
The objectives and tasks of the Turkish Union of the Authors of Intellectual and Scientific Works (ILESAM), one of the foremost and leading unions in this area in Turkey, are to protect common interests of its members and to ensure the management and administration of their memberships.

- TÜCED - Turkish Translator's Association

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