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Translation Association: HDZTPThe Croatian Association of Scientific and Technical Translators was created in 1957, with the purpose of being a gathering point of professional translators and interpreters. Over more than 50 years, this translators association has been providing Croatian enterprises and institutions with expert translating services.

Nowadays, the HDZTP has more than 300 members, translating thousands of pages per month. Since the middle of the 90s, with market economy having been introduced, the translation association remained faithful to being a non-profit organisation.

The Croatian Translation Agency derived from HDZTP. The translation association’s younger sister has been counting on the cooperation of most of HDZTP’s members.

HDZTP is a member of FIT, the International Federation of Translators.

The association’s members “translating from Croatian into other languages are native speakers in their target languages”. On the other hand, “those translating from other languages into Croatian have specialised in their fields of expertise”. Examples include electronics, law or finance.

HDZTP assures that, for example, members working with documents about civil engineering are either civil engineers or translators employed with civil engineering companies. This applies to all other subjects, like pharmaceutical texts or documents concerning banking and economics.

According to the Croatian Translation Association, its members can “handle large assignments easily, creating translating teams led by experts in the particular field”. They can also provide “optional editorial services, graphic layout and formatting”.

They translate from and to a large set of languages, including Albanian, Arabic, Farsi, Japanese and Portuguese.

As for customers, they are required to inform the translator about the themes and purposes of the assignment, providing them with any literature that may be useful for the task to be successful. They should also “designate their own experts” to assist and advise on terminology which might be specifically required. However, and just in case, the association has compiled a reference library.

Keep in mind that Croatia’s official language is Croatian, a form of the Serbo-Croatian language, which is spoken mainly in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian province of Vojvodina and other neighbouring countries. Croatia has a little more than 4 million inhabitants.

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