Translators Association Europe: SKTOL

A Finnish organization of knowledge-driven companies operating in the translation business

SKTOL is a translation association in Finland Founded in 1983, SKTOL is an organization of knowledge-driven companies operating in the translation business in Finland. It currently has seven member and promotes the interests of those companies, but also of users of translation services and the field at large.

This translation association aims to monitor and further the development of the translation sector and to improve the quality of translation services, recognition of the sector, and its general operating conditions.

SKTOL is a founding member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC), the European umbrella organization in the field.

To join SKTOL, you need to know

SKTOL members stand out for their quality, experience and consistency. So, to join this translation association a company has to have a manager with at least five years experience in the field, two of which in running a business.

Members can be small or big companies and must only use qualified professionals for their commissions – subcontractors included.

Whether you are a small expert in a given language pair or special field or you own or manage a large provider of multilingual communication services, you will be welcome.

SKTOL feels that networking is crucial in this line of business and that’s what they can offer you and your translation company.
Also SKTOL provides its members with up-to-date information on the international developments of translation field, as well as training. “In tricky situations”, the association can proffer advice and conciliation.

If you own a translation agency or are interested in founding a specific translator or service, you have every reason to contact SKTOL – use the email address And when a trustworthy business partner abroad is called for, SKTOL facilitates, with EUATC's help, direct contacts with other members of national associations all around Europe.

Keep in mind that Finnish is spoken by at least 5,1 million people, the number of inhabitants of Finland.

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