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The oldest professional translators association in Greece

PEM is Greece's translators associationEstablished in Thessaloniki in 1963, the Panhellenic Association of Translators (shortened in Greek to PEM) is the oldest professional translators association in Greece.

PEM’s mission is to promote the best possible working conditions for translators and interpreters and protect their professional interests and intellectual, moral and professional rights in Greece and abroad.

This translators association, whose is a member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT), aims to pursue and foster communication and co-operation with similar professional organizations and educational institutions in Greece and abroad.

PEM that is administered by a five-member board elected for two-year periods keeps its members abreast of translation-related activities in Greece and abroad, such as university and postgraduate courses, conferences and meetings on translation-related issues.

To join Greek’s oldest translators association, you must be working lawfully as a professional translator and meet at least one of the following criteria: hold a university degree in translation or a related field with translation as a special subject or with a postgraduate qualification in translation; have worked or successfully completed a period of practical training as a translator in some department of the European Union or other international organization; or have worked as a translator for 3 years (4 years if you have a degree in an unrelated field) – duly documented.

If you are already a highly respected translator, forget about what you read in the last lines. You will be accepted as a member in accordance with the association statutes.

PEM will offer you information about developments in the field of translation in Greece and abroad, put you in contact with other organizations and with clients, give you the opportunity to exchange views, experiences and information with fellow translators and to take part in conferences and other events on special terms and at reduced rates, as well as special reductions on purchases and services directly connected with translation.

Contact this translators association through its website, where you can also look-up a translator.

Keep in mind that Greek is spoken by 10,5 million people in Greece.

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