Translators Association Asia Pacific: ITAINDIA

At the forefront of a silently revolution taking place in the translation industry

ITAINDIA is the Indian Translators AssociationThe Indian Translators Association (ITAINDIA) is a non-profit translators association that seeks to unite the widespread translators and interpreters community of India at a common platform.

ITAINDIA’s goal is to better the industry and ensure that translators provide services meeting the professional standards for this sector.

This recently formed translators association has more than 100 translators and interpreters from all over India and works every day to upgrade their knowledge and capabilities.

It does that by organizing workshops, creating quality awareness and promoting a professional conduct.

Simultaneously, ITAINDIA mediates contacts between governmental institutions and affiliates of the Translation Industry of India.


Because ITAINDIA has developed relations with leading translators associations at regional, national and international levels, it is able nowadays to create privileged conditions to its members technological skills development.

This translators association organizes events, conferences, round table discussions, seminars, and symposia where the leading translators, interpreters, terminologists, theoreticians, educators and language experts share their knowledge, opinion and concerns.

A silently revolution is taking place in the translation industry of India and this translators association challenges all members of the Indian translators community to join hands and be part of the changes underway.

India’s translators association is a member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT).

Hindustani is the primary language of India’s crowded population and it encompasses a huge number of dialects – the most commonly spoken is Hindi. It is spoken by 497 million people.

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