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Defending translators in Iraq

Translators Association Eurasia: ITAFounded in Baghdad, in 1970, The Iraqi Translators Association (ITA) has seen the many changes which have made the name of its country one of the most commonly mentioned by international media. It has also resisted all the wars and conflicts that have happened in the territory over the past decades.

This translation association has the honour of being a member of the Supreme Council of Scientific Societies, an organ supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research of Iraq. In 1990, it became FIT’s affiliated, back then exclusively representing the Arab world in one of the most important international organisations concerning translation and interpretation. This happened during the World Congress held in ex-Yugoslavia.

Before that, in 1987, the Iraqi Translators Association organised its first scientific congress, in Baghdad. Following the success of this first edition, there was a second congress, in 1998. After a few extremely complicated years in the country, the ITA held its third congress in April 2006.

In the same year it organised its first scientific meeting, the association published its first journal dedicated to issues concerning translation-related professions. It was called “The Translator”. In the year 2000, it was time for the creation of a quarterly publication, called “Translation and Linguistics”. It had a first and a second edition that year.

In order to help update and upgrade its associates’ curriculum, the Iraqi Translators Association has organised several translation courses, both for specialists and non-specialists, using Arabic as a source language and otherwise. Moreover, ITA organises development courses in Arabic and other international languages. Over 16 courses have been organised so far.

Back in the Autumn of 1989, the ITA launched its first cultural season. Once again, the success of the event dictated a second season to be organised the following year, with the third edition arriving in the Autumn of 2006.

The ITA estimates to have around 15 thousand full active members, translating from Arabic into the world’s most important languages and vice-versa.

Keep in mind that although Iraq has two official languages, Arabic and Kurdish, the first one is the most widely spread by far. At least 16 million people use Arabic as their language in Iraq.

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