Translators Association: MNIT

Working to be the leading translation organization in Malaysia

Translators Association: ITNMThe Malaysian National Institute of Translation (Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia or ITNM) exists since 1993 and is a limited company established by the government of Malaysia.

Its aim is to elevate the translation industry in that country. It deals with matters relating to translation and interpreting, and stimulates efforts of transferring information at all levels, national and international. Its vision is to be the leading translation organization in Malaysia.

This translators association, owned by the Ministry of Finance and managed by the Ministry of Education, wants to create a scientific and progressive society, striving to enrich the repository of knowledge and promoting the competitiveness of the nation in regional economics.

The ITNM's goals are to overcome barriers in the dissemination of knowledge through quality translation for a developed society consistent with Vision 2020; to enrich the knowledge repository in Malay pertaining to the thinking of Malaysians regarding culture, science and technology through quality translation; and to internationalize national works continuously through translation to produce works recognized worldwide.


ITNM's aims to provide translation services in multiple languages, strengthen interpreting services at the national and international levels and enhance infrastructure to promote the sustainability of the translation industry-

To increase the translation and publication of quality informative materials in Malay and intensify efforts to translate and publish prominent local works in other languages are other objectives.

This translators association wishes to produce outstanding and highly skilled human capital through courses and training in translation and language skills in addition to increased cooperation in offering collaborative education through industrial training to graduates.

Parallel to this, ITNM wants to expand promotion and marketing of its services and products within the country and worldwide and supports all endeavors  of the government and interested parties to uphold the Malay language and strengthen command of the English language through the translation industry.

A wide range of services

This translation association provides services in almost every field, The organization provides translation services for books, documents, information, software and other literature from various languages into Malay and also other languages and has an interpreting center for local and international clients.

Regarding human resources, ITNM has a professional development center that promotes the method, technique and art of translation, interpreting and information exchange in various languages and a human resource development center to train and enhance the skills of translators, editors, interpreters and other language professionals to fulfill the country’s needs at national and international levels.

Then, there is a reference center that establishes standards and quality assurance for translation, interpreting and information exchange in Malaysia.

The national and official language of Malaysia is Malay and the country has around 30 million inhabitants.

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