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Translation Association Asia Pacific: TAATThe Translation and Attestation Association of Taipei (TAAT) was founded in 1989, with the purpose of serving the Taiwanese translators and interpreters community. It is not a translation and interpretation agency. Their members can be contacted directly, using a directory.

TAAT has defined a list of primary goals. For example, the founders of this translators association wish “to serve as an intermediary between its members and the government, fostering and supporting the professional development of its members and promoting the translation and interpreting professions”.

At the same time, TAAT wishes to provide its members with a platform for research, as well as discussion and innovation. This is so that “its members may strive to improve the quality of their translation work”.

In order to certify its members’ work, TAAT also wants to provide attestation services. This way, the associates of this translation association can ensure that their commercial and legal document translations are certified and duly recognised by competent authorities around the globe.

According to the people in charge of TAAT, “the association is not so well known in the territory of Taiwan”. The reasons for that are, according to the same people, “lack of self-promotion” as well as “unwillingness to resort to PR stunts or to play political games”. Despite this, they stress the organisation’s prestige and acclaim at international levels. When it comes to immigration-related documents, as well as academic, real estate or legal, “which require translation and attestation of official or non-official documents, the association” and its members plays a very important role.

At the moment, TAAT has fifty associate members. People responsible for the association insist that “the strength and integrity” of their membership “derives from the insistence that member companies are staffed with both Western and Chinese linguists and proficient translators “. The staff is supposed to be sourced worldwide and have “enormously diverse qualifications”, with specialised knowledge, work experience and fluency in several languages.

Nowadays, emails and the whole internet make communication more reliable on global information exchange. “Therefore, the associates are accessible both internationally” and in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese translators association is managed by a Board of Directors, whose members are all elected by voting members. The board has nine directors and three supervisors, as well as a secretary and a treasurer. Every three years, elections are held at TAAT.

Keep in mind that even though Taiwan has its own language (Taiwanese Hokkien), this is only the second most popular language in the territory. Mandarin Chinese is the tongue with the most native speakers. Around the world, there are over 1 million people who speak Mandarin Chinese.

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