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The first and the only Jordanian national professional association

Translators Associations Eurasia: JTAThe Jordanian Translators Association (JTA) was established in November of 1993 and is the first and the only Jordanian national professional association of translators and interpreters. This translation association is a non-profit organization and has no political, regional, sectarian or tribal objectives. 

Up until the beginning of the 1990s there wasn't a single national translators association in Jordan. There were several public and private professional bodies, but not a single professional association.

That being said, it's easy to understand its importance. JTA, whose plans are to open branches in the main cities of Jordan, like Irbid, Zerka and Kerak, among others, is controlled by its administrative board.

The association was founded by eighteen members. Fifteen of those founding members are university professors specialized in Linguistics and/or Translation. Currently, JTA has more than three hundred full-members and twenty associate and honorary members. 


JTA's first goal is to promote translation and Arabic translation theories all over the world. For that to happen, this translators association has published some works on translation and has a journal ("Studies in Translation") that has editorial and advisory boards including distinguished scholars from all over the world and brings contributions from the international community of translation and interpretation, with a focus on Arabic language.

Its other objectives are: to promote the translators activity in Jordan; to contribute to the development of the cultural movement on a national, pan-Arab and international basis; to elevate the quality level of translation and interpretation in Jordan; to exchange relevant translation and interpretation expertise and information; to maintain close relations between members of the association themselves on the one hand and between the association and other similar associations on the other; to co-ordinate with the competent bodies to guarantee the professional rights of the translators and interpreters; to train and prepare accredited translators and interpreters; and to provide official and non-official institutions with working expertise and counsel.

To achieve these purposes, JTA delivers lectures and holds seminars and conferences, monitors educational programs, encourages educational institutions and provides public libraries and information centers with data about translation and translated works.

To achieve its main goals, the association is in touch with many governmental bodies – such as the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Information or the national universities) – and diplomatic corps. The idea ias to brief them on the activities of the association and its role in promoting translation and interpretation in the country. 
JTA is a member of the Arab Translators Federation since June of 1995 and a member of the International Federation of Translators since April of 1998.

On JTA's website, members and users in general can read the latest news of the translation and interpretation world. To contact the association you need to use a form that's on the website.

Keep in mind that Arabic is the official language in Jordan. Most often identified with the Middle East and North Africa, Arabic is the official language of 26 countries and is spoken by 221 million people.

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