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Translators Associations Europe: MFTEThe Association of Hungarian Translators and Interpreters (MFTE) was established in Budapest and aims to promote translation and interpreting and trough these activities also the country. It is a non-political association.

This translators association also means to give assistance in translation and interpretation activities with the purpose of promoting a higher education.

To achive this goals, the translation association organizes conferences and helps academic institutions to participate in professional events. It also does charitable activities honoring its sworn values: education and training, skill development, knowledge dissemination.

The Association of Hungarian Translators and Interpreters members are translators, revisers and simultaneous and consecutive interpreters. They are la crème de la crème, wich is to say that thay represent the top of the profession: university graduates working in languages that they learned as their mother tongue or which they acquired knowledge through protracted residence in the respective countries. Each possess decades of experience gained domestically and internationally.

Apart from the necessary professional qualifications – this translation association rests on the principle of its members providing high standard language services –, the recommendation of two members is needed to join the association.

On the website of this translators association, there's a directory where you can find specific professionals should you require a translation prepared on a level of excellence, revised on the level of mother tongue and/or professional benchmark, or should it be necessary for you to arrange at home or abroad a meeting calling for a team of erudite, presentable and experienced interpreters.
Members of the Association of Hungarian Translators and Interpreters deliver in several languages high level professional services and the association provides clients with conference installations and technical preparations.

Membership is open to national or foreign professionals and private companies.

On the website, you'll find other useful information on this association, as well as its statutes and the professional code of conduct.

Keep in mind that in Hungary live 10 million people and that their official language is Hungarian.

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