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Translation Associations Europe: NFFThe Norwegian Non-fiction Writers and Translators Association (NFF) was created with the mission of representing writers and translators of all types of non-fiction literature. At the moment, it has approximately 5,400 members.

NFF is committed to securing and protecting “the professional and economic interests of authors and translators by negotiating contracts and agreements with public and private institutions”. Furthermore, the Norwegian translation association is responsible for administrating different scholarships granted to non-fiction writers and translators. The money administered in the scholarships is collected through Kopinor (the reproduction rights organisation in Norway) as well as through a collective library agreement.

The NFF is a union of writers and translators. It works with all fields of non-fiction: books, textbooks, biographies, travelogues, debates, cookbooks, essays, etc. Membership of the Norwegian writers and translators association is given to professionals who have published at least one work of non-fiction with 200,000 characters (including spaces) or with 100 printed pages of contribution in another work.

The association provides its members with the defence of their professional and economic rights, through the negotiation of agreements and contracts with publishers and other public and private institutions. Amongst the most important agreements are contracts for writers and translators on the release – and use – of scientific literature, as well as conditions for photocopying and library fees, which is the basis of the association’s scholarships.

NFF is committed to promoting good literature and to strengthen the written use of the Norwegian language, an increasingly important factor in a society built on high standards of knowledge. The translation association participates in public debates and organises courses and seminars for both members and people interested in the subject. NFF publishes members magazine NFF-Bulletin and literary journal Prose.

Those who write textbooks, general non-fiction, textbooks, biographies, travelogues, debates books, cookbooks, essays or translate any of these are welcome at NFF. The association is continuously working on the improvement of conditions for the work of professionals who specialise in non-fiction, in Norway. Over the years, the organisation has distributed over 900 million Norwegian crowns in grants, which have resulted – amongst other things – in over 4,500 books in all genres of prose.

To join NFF, you can either do it online, on the association’s website, or by printing the form and sending it to the organisation.

Keep in mind that Norwegian is the official language of Norway. It is a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Norway, but also in some parts of Denmark. It is spoken by around 5 million people.

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