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A "strategic position in international trade"

Translators Associations North America: NOTISThe Northwest Translators & Interpreters Society (NOTIS) is a translation association for professionals in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America. It was established in April 1988 as a communication tool for translators and interpreters in the region.

The translators association based its foundation on the idea that the Northwest part of the United States has a “strategic position in international trade” and a “growing importance in international travel”. This way, professional interpreters and translators, “as well as the local and regional business communities”, may benefit from such an active professional group as NOTIS.

The American organisation has put a lot of effort on the building of its website. With its place on the World Wide Web, the translation association wishes to build a bridge over some gaps between languages and cultures. The website aims at providing language service professionals, translation agencies and everyone in the field with resources, opportunities to meet with colleagues, as well as tools which will assist them in presenting their work to prospective clients.

It has the ambition to “help businesses cope with a global market”. It expects to do so by providing access to “the largest online directory of professional translators and interpreters and translation companies in the Pacific Northwest” region. Furthermore, the translators association expects the website to provide numerous resources on the trade.

NOTIS, as most translation associations, relies a lot on volunteer work. There are many ways in which to help this “inspirational and growing community”. As a member, if you have some spare time, you can always get involved in some of the many activities they organise. For example, NOTIS has a Newsletter Committee. This group comprises volunteers who help with the organisation’s quarterly newsletter, The Northwest Linguist, which is published jointly by NOTIS and Washington Interpreters and Translators Society. Their mission is to proofread drafts and layouts, write articles (only if they want to) and help to compile information concerning the events calendars.

The Northwest Linguist contains articles, events and other information of interest to translators and interpreters. Members get it for free with their membership. Non-members can subscribe for $12 a year.

The North-western translators association has several other active committees, dedicated to specific themes or issues within the profession.

The Chinese Special Interest Group has the purpose of sharing information as well as resources, but also to organise events of interest for interpreters and translators who work in any of the Chinese language’s dialects.

NOTIS also has a Medical Interpreting Special Interest Group, which concerns the enhancement of the provision of interpreting services to ethnic communities in health and social services. It has the goal of making its contribution towards professionalism and excellence standards. This group of the translation association sponsors regular forums that will assist furthering its goals.

The Nominating Committee has the mission of finding and evaluating potential board members. As for the Outreach Committee, it concerns the pooling of resources towards educating potential translation services users. This group is involved in the promotion of NOTIS as a source of local professionals in the field of translation and interpretation. It also tries to find and maintain opportunities to raise awareness for the profession as a whole. Finally, the Program Committee is a standing committee.

The translators association from Northwest America has several categories of membership available: Individual Membership,Corporate Membership, Institutional Membership and Student Membership. If interested, you may fill in the membership form online and then send your cheque through postal service.

Amongst the expected several benefits of becoming a member of NOTIS, there is the advance notice of the posting of the latest issue of The Northwest Linguist, the notification of upcoming professional workshops, association meetings and social events or the possibility of getting discounted prices for NOTIS workshops and events. You also gain access to the translation association’s website Marketplace job listings.

As for particular benefits concerning membership categories, individual members are listed in the searchable online directory, whereas corporate / institutional members are published in the online list of companies and institutions. Student members have all the benefits of full members, except for the directory listing.

NOTIS stresses that all members are expected to support the association’s objectives and to read carefully the complete bylaws and associated policy documents.

The translators association is pleased to offer a discount to any NOTIS member who is also a member of its sister society, the Washington State Court Interpreters and Translators Society (WITS). Application or renewal with WITS is a separate process and more information regarding membership may be found at their website. NOTIS encourages you to take advantage of this discount to enjoy the benefit of both societies. This offer is not available to Corporate, Institutional, or Student members.

Keep in mind that in the United States of America, English is the official language. It’s the most widely spread tongue worldwide, with around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher). The population of the USA is of over 300 million people.

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