Translators Associations North America: AILIA

Joint action for the competitiveness of the Canadian language industry

Translators Associations North America: AILIABased in Gatineau, Québec, the Canadian Language Industry Association (shortened in French to AILIA) wants to promote and increase the competitiveness of the Canadian language industry nationally and internationally through advocacy, accreditation and information sharing.

AILIA was born because the Canadian language industry was facing many challenges if it wanted to remain competitive and take advantage of the significant growth in the international market for language technologies and services.

This economic trend justified the creation of this translation association, a structure for joint action that will enable translators and interpreters to succeed, together, in meeting the following challenges.

The objectives of this translators association are to promote the interests of the language industry; act as a common base for action for all participants in the industry; become a forum for industry members; raise the visibility of the industry; put together initiatives to face industry challenges; develop common human resources strategies; and promote innovation and R&D.

This translators association facilitates networking between the industry and other public and private sector partners, as it strives to become the essential industry representative for the public sector; and stimulates the efforts of industry stakeholders both on the national and international levels.

AILIA also supports the emergence of alliances and projects to expand the industry.

Become a member

AILIA welcomes the following members: corporate (language industry company); associates (all associations and any not-profit organization working in the language sector); partners (federal, provincial, territorial or municipal government organizations); individuals (those who work in one of the three language industry sectors); and students (college or university full-time students).

Individuals pay a fee of $100 per year; students pay $25 per year; for the rest the annual fee is $350.

All of them get to download all AILIA information materials free of charge and have discounts when participating in events. Other perks differ from one membership to another, but you can check it all up on AILIA’s website.

For general inquiries, use this email address:

Keep in mind that Canada’s two main languages are English (58.8 % of the population) and French (23.2 %). Around the world, there are around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher), whereas French native speakers are about 125 millions.

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