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Translators Associations North America: AVLICEstablished in 1979, the Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC) is a non-profit, professional association for interpreters whose working languages include a sign language. Its headquarters are in Squamish, British Columbia – the adventure capital of Canada.

This translators association – the only certifying body for American Sign Language-English interpreters in Canada – has several affiliate chapters across the country and, among a variety of services, offers a Dispute Resolution Process to maintain quality and accountability to the field of interpreting.

The mission of this translators association is to advance the profession of interpreting and to support its members. How does it manage to do that? By serving as the national representative for professional interpreters in Canada; working in close partnership with Canadian Deaf organizations; supporting the efforts of affiliate chapters to advance the profession of interpreting in their regions; collaborating with programs designed to facilitate the education and training of interpreters; and providing professional development and a national forum for discussion of issues pertinent to the field of interpreting.

This translators association is guided in all its activities by the beliefs that collaboration, cooperation and mutual, transparent communication between the Deaf community and Sign Language interpreters at a local, regional and national level across Canada are essential.

Join the AVLIC

You can register online only if you’re an active American Sign Language-English or Quebec Sign Language-French interpreter and meet AVLIC ( or a student.
Please note that AVLIC’s membership year is from April 1st to March 31st annually.

An active Deaf Interpreter or otherwise not meeting AVLIC’s criteria (read more about this ahead) can register by mail. This applies only for a multiple members and is the way to register for exemption or a discount.

AVLIC’s criteria

American Sign Language-English or Quebec Sign Language-French interpreters have to present proof of their graduation from an AVLIC recognized Interpreter Education Program, by submitting a copy of their certificate of graduation or official transcript documenting graduation.

Due to the absence of Deaf interpreter education programs, Active Deaf interpreters must submit a letter of support from a Provincial Deaf Organization or Association; a letter of support from an AVLIC certified interpreter or Affiliate Chapter Board of Directors; and a mixture of 40 documented hours of work as a Deaf interpreter and professional development.

Students have to be enrolled in an Interpreter Education Program to apply for a Student membership. Upon graduation, they can upgrade their membership to Active members.
Become certified

An interpreter must be a member of AVLIC in order to enter into the Canadian Evaluation System to become certified. Then, the Canadian Evaluation System has four phases: a written test of knowledge; preparation; test of interpretation; and certification maintenance.

For more information about this translators association, please contact AVLIC at The organization promises to respond your email within three business days.

Keep in mind that Canada’s two main languages are English (58.8 % of the population) and French (23.2 %). Around the world, there are around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher), whereas French native speakers are about 125 millions.

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