5. User’s behaviour

5.1. As the terms of law and this regulation stipulate, the user shall agree not to use, under any circumstances, the provided service for the following purposes:
a) providing, sending or transmitting any content likely to be illegal, threatening, malicious, abusive, aggressive, slanderous, rude, obscene, intrusive regarding third parties’ privacy, odious, racial, ethically reprehensible or subject to any other objection.

b) impersonating any person or entity

c) providing, transmitting or sending any content which use is forbidden by law, a contract or a protocol (e.g. confidential information obtained through his/her professional activity).

d) providing, transmitting or sending any content that violates any registration or patent right, brand, trade secret or any kind of registration or copyright of a person, an entity or an institution.

e) providing, transmitting or sending voluntarily or involuntarily any item containing virus software or other computer code, files or programs which aim at interrupting, destroying or limiting the functionalities of any computer, computer system (hardware or software) or telecommunication equipment.

f) collecting, keeping or providing, in any format, other users’ personal information

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