What about data related to children?

LEXIS encourages parents and other guardians to instruct children in the safe and conscientious use of their personal data whenever browsing the internet.

LEXIS does not intentionally collect (through its websites or by any other means) and, under no circumstance, does it collect data related to children. In case LEXIS becomes aware that one of the website’s User is, in fact, a child (who is using it without the prior consent of his/her parents or guardian), LEXIS will immediately make its best efforts to erase all data entered by that child and to guarantee that those shall not be transferred to any third parties nor used by LEXIS for any other purpose.

If you happen to notice that a child has supplied personal data through our websites (without the prior consent of his/her parents or guardian), please inform LEXIS as soon as possible, via the means referenced in the Introduction to this document.

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