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Partners: AP PortugalAP | Portugal (APP), translation company and language services provider operating worldwide, specialised in the Portuguese language, was certified by the European Quality Norm EN 15038:2006. This is the only standard at a European level which defines the quality requirements and certifies the translation industry services, encompassing all its aspects: human and technical resources, quality management system, project records, contractual framework, procedures and further value-added services.

When AP | Portugal was born, in 1998, its creators defined a mission right from the start: to ensure excellent interpretation and translation services, sustained in dignified, just relationships.

Nowadays, partly due to the effort of all professionals who collaborate with APP on a daily basis, citizens all over the world are able to communicate using a common language. These collaborators are dedicated professionals in areas like translation, transcription and interpreting, having been educated in some of the most prestigious international higher education institutions.

Through quality and rigor in the development of its work, constantly seeking the best and newest in technology and working methods on the subject, APP was able to show its quality in the real world. The solid relationships established with its customers are living proofs of it.

These days, AP | Portugal defines itself as a private institution positioned on the international market, in areas such as translation, interpreting, transcription and subtitling.

This translation company based in Portugal – but operating worldwide – offers a wide range of services in all of the above-mentioned subjects. As far as translation is concerned, a set of international professionals, many of them experts of technical and certified translation, provide the necessary guarantees of a job well done. One can expect the same level of quality when it comes to interpreting. In this case, besides human competence, APP can provide the equipment, in case it’s needed. The people in charge of subtitling guarantee an integrated service for television, DVD, internet, video and cinema.

When it comes to voice-over, APP counts on a wide range of 100% professional collaborators, with experience in theatre and communication. They ensure a quality service when producing audio books in any audio format.

Beyond its commitment towards quality at a professional level, APP is aware of its social responsibility and the people in charge of it have their eyes set on the future, particularly children’s. This concern maintains APP institutionally connected to ApoioXXI, a Portuguese help centre for children and teenagers with special needs.

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