Translators Association Africa: ETLA

Gathering the elite of translation profession in Egypt

Translators Association Africa: ETLAThe Egyptian Translators and Linguists Association (ETLA) is a professional non-governmental association, based in Cairo, that was founded in 2006 to support and improve the translation and interpreting professions and foster the professional development of individual translators and interpreters.

Its first mission is to promote the professional development of translators and interpreters. This translators association is deeply concerned about translation and languages and sees them as essential tools in bridging the cultural gabs and spreading knowledge. 

This translation association aims to advance translation profession through its volunteer, free or low cost work and its members provide services in more than 40 languages.

ELTA is a non-profit institution that seeks to create a comprehensive language and translation revival. It aims to benefit the translator and linguist, as well as the translation industry and the whole society.

This translators association promotes the exchange of experiences and skills and practices direct communication between broader sectors of distinguished categories which can benefit each other regarding information, knowledge, skills and capabilities. 

The Egyptian Translators and Linguists Association defends the idea that the translator/ linguist plays a vital role in the society, particularly in achieving revival, and has huge responsibilities toward the nation.

Therefore, this translators association tries to benefit the society through the capabilities, skills, and potentialities of its members.


This translators association promotes languages and translation training, with courses in General Translation, Technical Translation,
Marketing Translation, Literary translation, Certified Translation, Scientific Translation, Audio and video Translation, Legal Translation, Multilingual Research, and Website Translation.

In addition to training courses for translators and linguists, ETLA presents educational seminars to link the translator with the world changes and its events and organizes conferences and workshops in various fields related to translation, language and creativity.
It also offers professional promotion for the translator locally and internationally.

ETLA is officially authorized by the Egyptian government and several governmental organizations in addition to the Arab league. And for that reason, it accredits those proved to have expertise in practicing translation as a profession and relevant linguistic activities according to the highest standards applied worldwide.

If you became a member of this translation association, you would surely be recognized by academic bodies, international organizations and ancient prestigious entities. But, remember, the conditions are strict. The most important prerequisite is to pass an accreditation test.

Interested? A part from passing the test adopted by this translation association, to join ETLA there are basic requirements you must fullfill. You have to do one of these things: have a qualification in translation or a language related area; have been translating as your primary activity for a period of at least three years (duly documentet); be known by your work in your field; engage efforts in the field of translation or creativity; be a registered student of translation or language; have a recommendation by at least three members of this association's board of members.

ETLA's membership is available to individuals – categories active, corresponding, associate and student – and organizations – categories corporate and institutional.

You'll have to pay a membership registration fee of 75 pounds – this is a one-time payment – and then there's the annual subscription htat costs  50 pounds for working members and 25 pounds for students and scholars.

To apply to membership, download and fill the membership form that's on the ETLA's website and send ir along with a copy of your curriculum to

Keep in mind that the official language of Egypt is the Arabic with specificities which might differ whether written or spoken. It can be written in Arabic script or Latin script. There are over 300 million speakers of Arabic in the world.

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