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Guinea-Bissau: From Cape Roxo to the Cagete tip

Associação de Tradutores África: Guiné-BissauIt was a Portuguese colony since the fifteenth century and unilaterally proclaimed its independence on September 24, 1973 - Portugal only recognize this on September 10, 1974.

The Guinea-Bissau, officially the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, is a country on the west coast of Africa which extends from Cape Roxo to the tip Cagete, has 1.5 million inhabitants and its population is over 20 ethnic groups, with different languages??, social structures and customs.

On its research, Lexis did not find associations of translators in Guinea-Bissau, which is not to say that there is an organization dedicated to translators and interpreters in the African country..

In its research, Lexis couldn't find any translators associations in Guinea-Bissau, which does not mean that there isn't an interpreters and translators association in the African country.

If you are aware of or responsible by any translators association in Guinea-Bissau, please send us details of your translation association using the email address

And if, by any chance, you are at this time joining forces to create an interpreters and translators association in Guinea-Bissau, please contact us so that Lexis can help you with its own experience.

In either case, consider yourself invited to become a member of our community and take advantage of what Lexis and our partners have to offer. For example, by becoming a Premium member of this translators community, Lexis and Red Horse - an associated project - offer you a complete and customizable multilingual non-disclosure agreement to sign together with your customers.

The other Portuguese-speaking African countries that make up the PALOP - former colonies of Portugal in Africa, which gained independence between 1973 and 1975 - are Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Sao Tome and Principe.

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