Translators Associations Africa: EGYTA

Translating in Cleopatra's homeland

Translation Association Africa: EGYTAThe Egyptian Translators Association was created in 2005. Although it’s quite recent, this organisation has a team of 5,000 “smart, intelligent, diligent, knowledgeable and experienced” professionals from different parts of the globe, carrying different industry backgrounds.

All translators and interpreters working with EGYTA are certified as far as the language pair they have chosen is concerned. It is ensured by this translation association that “these professionals are multidisciplinary and multilingual” and know what they’re talking about, no matter what is the subject. Moreover, they can add “ideas, perspectives and impressive expertise” to satisfy your linguistic needs.

According to the people behind EGYTA, “for global success and acceptance, translations need to be technically accurate, linguistically clear, and should have cultural insight”. It is in the aim of EGYTA to build bridges that will help overcome language barriers and cultural differences, so that communication becomes as close to perfect as humanly possible.

Since its creation, EGYTA has been working some of the world’s biggest companies. Nowadays, they are known for “being a world leader” and their people are proud to say they “can manage all types of document translations”, from personal to corporate, including legal, technical and medical. They add to that a “valuable experience, resources and diligent translators”.

“A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

The above is the motto proudly worn by EGYTA.

The people in charge of the association mention a great respect for the privacy and sensitive nature of documents that are put in the hands of their organisation’s members. The same applies to the conversations they interpret. Thus, there is a guarantee “of complete confidentiality”. Moreover, they are available to discuss with the client “Privacy Agreements and non-disclosure contracts” which allow the client to sleep well at night. This, together with their “ability, to give clients quality, cohesive, professional and reliable translation services at the price that fits almost any budget – truly sets” them “apart in the competitive translation market”.

At EGYTA, they consider all details in your project, with a little help from digital technology, which may as well suit you and your bank account.

The Egyptian Translators Association offers several services, but they opted to divide them in three groups. The “Document Translation Services”, the “Interpreting Services” (which include consecutive interpreting, conference interpreting, telephone interpreting and the possibility to rent interpreter equipment) and the “Transcription Services” (medical, legal, webcast transcription, etc).

Keep in mind that the official language of Egypt is the Arabic with specificities which might differ whether written or spoken. It can be written in Arabic script or Latin script. There are over 300 million speakers of Arabic in the world.

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