Translators Associations Asia Pacific: AALITRA

Literary translation in Australia

Translators Associations Asia Pacific: AALITRAThe Australian Association for Literary Translation (AALITRA) was established in March 2010 and is a national organization that promotes an interest in all aspects of literary translation.
This translators association hopes to foster a community of Australian literary translators and to be a forum for lively debate concerning issues related to the translation of literary texts.

AALITRA has a website and journal that’s peer-reviewed and published online. In this platforms, the translation association tries to publish high quality material concerned with literary translation, as well as translations of literary texts from other languages into English, or vice versa.

This translators association welcomes submissions in areas such as poetry, prose interviews and even translation. You can check out more information about AALITRA and/or download the membership subscription from its website.

Keep in mind that English has 508 million native speakers.

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