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Translation Association Asia Pacific: KSTThe Translators Association of Korea (KST) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1971, working towards positive recognition of translators as a profession. In 1974, KST joined the International Translators Federation (FIT), an official consultative body of UNESCO.

In order to certify the qualifications of its members, KST conducts an “ability to translate test” (TCT). During the whole process, the translation association provides assistance and support, in the shape of public lectures in various fields. KST is committed to support the various existing forms of translation. Moreover, in September 2009, The Small and Medium Business Administration designated the association as an enterprise business centre of education and training. According to the Korean association, “in the future, education for freelancers is expected to be more active”.

The translation association quotes Goethe saying that “he who does not know his own languages does not know how to express his willingness”. They say “language and national culture can be regarded as the most powerful tool in the competitiveness of a country”. Culture will be further strengthened in the 21st century, with increasing speed.

KST is responsible for the Korea Translation Literary Prize, held since 1982. In 1987, the KST also established and co-sponsored the International Translation Encouragement Prize to New Figures, with Babel, Japan. Ten years later, KST held the first Korea Translation Grand Awarding Ceremony. The Korean translators association has also been responsible for other events, like the Translation Competence Test. Since 2007, it has a branch in Beijing, China.

The fact that international relations are increasingly complex in several aspects, combined with the repetition of talks, on a daily basis, everywhere, at full speed, originates that the various fields and areas of translation are also becoming gradually more popular.

Such a situation forces quick and accurate adaptation to respond competitively to the needs of the world. Professional development of translators and research in translation technology are decisive measures. The Korean organisation is eager to stimulate the progress of translation systems and further develop the profession, making its significant contribution towards the development of the country itself.

KST offers services in numerous subjects and circumstances, such as translation of literary works, law documents and social events, social studies, science and industrial technology research projects, etc. It organises translation-related seminars and is committed to attending international events.

In fact, KST has established, as a priority, to get more involved with international translation associations, creating links that will result in cooperation and the organisation of activities. Moreover, the Korean society wants to promote exchange programmes with foreign translators and translation companies.

To be a member of this non-profit organisation, you must be a qualified professional. To apply for membership, you have to submit the necessary application form. The Board of Directors will then analyse and judge your application and decide upon it. Members may be full-time university teachers in the fields of foreign languages, professionals with translations published in their name, living in Korea or abroad. Residence in a foreign country for a considerable period of time may be acknowledged by the association as translation skills.

There are six membership categories at KST: Member, Associate Member, Group Member, Honorary Member, Special Member and Senator.

Keep in mind that Korean is the official language of South Korea and North Korea. It is also one of the two official languages in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in People's Republic of China. There are about 78 million Korean speakers worldwide.

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