Translators Associations Asia Pacific: TAC

The only national translators association in China

Translators Association of ChinaThe Translators Association of China (TAC) was founded in 1982. It is the only national association in the translation industry in China, playing a role in the academic society as well as a commercial association.

This mission defined by this translators association is to unite with and organize translators, interpreters and those who promote the profession.

TAC covers all sectors of society throughout the country, leading research in translation and interpretation and academic exchanges and training a large contingent of translators and interpreters.

To improve the self-discipline and regulation of the translation industry, protect the legitimate rights and interests of translators and interpreters and facilitate exchanges and cooperation with its counterparts both at home and abroad are other TAC's goals.

TAC is made up of institutions, enterprises, translators associations and freelance workers engaged in translation, interpretation, localization and terminology.


TAC and its committees host a series of conferences and forums in different subject fields to members and the industry in general, honors and rewards outstanding professionals performances and is currently working on a plan to implement certification and quality assessment on translation and interpretation services.

This translators association also has a bimonthly journal.

On TAC's website you can look up the association's events and others news.

Mandarin is the main official language in China. And because China is the most populated country on the planet, Mandarin is the most widely spoken language on the planet. It is a tough language to learn but of you are lucky enough to understand it we're talking about a really wide market.

Keep in mind that over 1 billion people speak Mandarin. 

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