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Translators Association Eurasia: TÇIDEven though it has its headquarters in Antalya, the Turkish Association of Translation Companies (Tüm Çeviri Isletmeleri Dernegi, TÇID), stands upon the establishment of regional branches all across Turkey, and even abroad.

The translators association has been established with the purpose of improving and developing the translation sector as a whole, at the same time as it represents and protects the interests of the sector by implementing and sustaining a high standard of values and practices amongst professionals. A means to reach that end is to provide the sharing of knowledge and experience between the professionals in the sector and to support individuals, corporations and organisations working towards the same goals.

TÇID is very active in carrying out research activities concerning the achievement and development of the goals it has established. The translation association wishes to organise educational meeting and activities like courses, seminars, conferences and discussion panels. It also has an informative mission, concerning the provision of any kind of information, documentation and publication required to support the realisation of the defined purposes.

It is an aim of this Turkish organisation to establish a documentation centre, to produce periodical and non-periodical publications in line with its mission. Examples of these are newspapers, magazines, journals and books, which aim at broadcasting the association’s activities together with informative bulletins that are meant to be distributed amongst members.

Members of the translators association can expect total support from TÇID, including the provision of an effective working environment and of all kinds of technical equipment, assets and stationary. Moreover, TÇID wishes to establish and operate economic, commercial and industrial businesses, in order to provide the capital needed to achieve its aims as well as its members’. These will also benefit from social and cultural facilities created and managed by the association, such as dinner parties, concerts, balls, theatre performances, exhibitions, sports events, trips and entertainment activities. This is a significant contribution to the development and maintenance of social relationships between members.

TÇID contemplates the possibility of establishing a foundation or federation as deemed necessary, when joining an existing federation will not be enough to achieve the purposes defined. Furthermore, the Turkish organisation is eager to create and manage international activities and to become a member of an international organisation or association, with which it wishes to collaborate in several projects. Governmental authorities are also potential partners for joint projects in the related fields of activity. Also, TÇID is open to establishing platform with NGOs, to achieve common goals in areas that comply with the association’s purpose and are not forbidden by law.

Bearing in mind the well-being of its members, TÇID is committed to create funds in order to provide for its members’ urgent needs, such as clothing, food, other capital or service needs and even short term credit.

As far as translation itself is concerned, the Turkish translators association wants to “promote and protect high quality translation and language services both within borders and within the widest possible geographical area where there is a global need for Turkish translation services”. In addition, TÇID wishes to “provide qualified business, notary and industrial translation and, by observing, analysing, evaluating, sharing and debating on issues that have an effect on this line of work, to guard and respect the common and general rights of persons or establishments independent from the private benefit of any institution, organisation, establishment or person”.

In the words of the translation association’s founders, “language is one of the fundamental elements of the richness and diversity of the world we live in”. Therefore, TÇID is eager to make a contribution to the protection of this richness, especially in written translation areas of activity and especially when it comes to the development of its mother language in fields such as “science, industry, commerce, international relations, art and sports”.

TÇID believes it is one of its duties to raise awareness amongst its members and the general public concerning European Union legislation and policies that affect the translation sector, at the same time as it develops competency and efficiency in order to take part in EU-related programmes.

A member can be any person or legal entity that has legal capacity and has adopted the purposes and principles of the translators association. However, foreign persons should have a right of settlement in Turkey in order to become members. This condition does not apply to honorary membership.

Membership applications must be written and sent to the board of the association. The board of directors shall make its decision concerning membership applications within thirty days. The applicant will then be notified of the decision in writing.

Associate members are the founders of the translators association as well as individuals admitted by the board. Those who may have made significant contributions to the association in any way may be accepted as honorary members.

Keep in mind that Turkish, also referred to as Istanbul Turkish, is a language spoken as a native tongue by over 83 million people worldwide, making it the most commonly spoken of the Turkic languages.

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