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From Russia with a seal of approval

Translators Association: NLTThe National League of Translators (NLT) is a non-profit professional association established in 2004 in Moscow, Russia, by expert translators and interpreters.

These people came together to provide a reliable resource for clients needing translation and interpreting services and to promote the high standard of professional services for which their members are known.

Their goal is to coordinate and promote the efforts and resources of Russia’s most competent translators and interpreters, in order to provide their clients with the highest standards of professional services.

If you're looking for someone to translate complex and intricate texts or an interpreter that will convey correctly and professionally your message, this translators association is the organization to call. The NLT facilitates clients' search for professional and highly skilled translators/interpreters and helps them establish direct contacts, bypassing intermediaries.

NLT intends not only to monitor closely the market for translation/interpreting services in Russia and in other countries, but to be active in shaping and pursuing a fair and appropriate fee policy for the service being offered.

It vouches for the quality of their professional's translation and interpreting services and provides meaningful cooperation with those clients who place a premium value on a high quality translation/interpreting and understand how important this is for their business.

Membership's advantage
The National League of Translators welcomes skilled translators and interpreters who share these very same goals and objectives. Membership is personal and candidates are assessed on their merits.

In addiction to representing the professional community with pride and confidence, the NLT provides free advisory services on issues relating to arrangements for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and offers translators and interpreters a forum for professional interaction with peers.

Is this forum, young members can get expert advice from experienced colleagues in matters relating to translation/interpreting and marketing their services.

For additional information and/or to be put in contact with suitably qualified translators/interpreters who are members of NLT for your projects, contact this translation association using the email address

Keep in mind that Russian is the official language of Russia. Most of Russian’s 144 million speakers live there, but there are other countries with large Russian-speaking populations, like Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

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