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Promoting conference interpreting as a profession in Turkey

Translators Associations Eurasia: TKTDThe Turkish Conference Interpreters Association (abbreviated in Turkish to TKTD) exists since 1969, where 20 members  took,  in Istanbul, the initial step to bring together professional conference interpreters under the umbrella of a professional organization. The aim of this translation association has been to promote conference interpreting as a profession in Turkey and establish professional principles and rules in line with international practice.

This translation association broadened its membership in 1998 by including all professional conference interpreters in this sector and changed its name to The United Conference Interpreters Association (BKTD) to reinforce the image of its broader membership.
In 2009, the translation association initiated efforts to have its new name recognized with the government – the use of words such as “Turkey” and “Turkish” before an association’s name required formal approval by the Ministry of the Interior. BKTD's application was approved by the Ministry in April 2010. The granted approval indicates the legitimacy of the association as the national professional representative of the profession. 

New admissions

You can apply to become a member of this translation association if you're a trained conference interpreter. You're expected to know at least one foreign language and to be capable of doing simultaneous translation – in fact, you have to have 150 working days as an interpreter, according to rules and regulations of TKTD's Code of Ethics.
Don't forget to submit your curriculum and your criminal record. Attached these documents to the Application Form and pay the due fee for the administrative costs of this process.

After all of these steps, you be called in for a pre-examination and an interview.

Membership applications are received by an Admissions Committee that's comprised of five members who are elected for a period of three years by the General Assembly.

These members must be active professional conference interpreters for at least 7 years. It is they who supervise the application procedure of candidates, and approve and announce the membership of pre-candidates and candidates.

Providing services to public and private institutions
Over the years, TKTD members have provided professional services to many public and private institutions and organizations. From simultaneous, consecutive to bilateral and whispering interpretation, they provide all of these services in Turkish, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. More than 20 of them have been teaching at universities for more than 25 years!

The Office of the President of Turkey, the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministries, the Constitutional Court, High Courts, municipalities, universities, chambers, trade unions, professional organizations, associations, foundations, diplomatic representations, companies, television and radio stations as some of the institutions for whom these professionals work.

TKTD members also work for international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union institutions, the Council of Europe and its institutions, NATO, OSCE, OECD, OIC, UNESCO, UNICEF and others.

If you want to get additional  information about TKTD's membership, language combinations or the profession in general, you can 'surf' the website oh this translation association or contact them using the email address

The official language of Turkey is Turkish, a language spoken as a native language by over 83 million people worldwide.

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