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Translators Associations Eurasia: Literary Translators Society The origins of the Turkish Literary Translators Society go back to 2003 and have to do with an informal group of professionals that exchanged emails at first only to share common problems. The establishment of a translators association came later, in 2006.
This group – that still maintains a webpage – then evolved into a translators association as a way of doing something about their concerns.

After they met face to face, this people started organizing workshops, debating and helping each other with challenging translations and the most appropriate language for each assignment.

When they became aware of some inaccurate and unfair practices in the sector, these literary translators also started paying visits to publishers and informing them of the translator’s demands.

After a long debate, this group found that the best thing to do was to establish a professional association.

The translators association was formally established in 2006 with the broad mission of developing the cultural life in Turkey. It is based in Istanbul and its aims are to protect the rights of literary translators, of course, but also to improve the quality of literary translation and publishing in this Eurasia country.

Placing certain ethical principles and carrying out joint studies with organizations abroad are other objectives of this translation association.

How to join

Anyone who’s a literary translator can join this translation association. With you application form, duly signed, you should send a photocopy of your birth certificate and two photographs.

The entrance fee is 50 YTL and then there’s a monthly fee of 15 YTL. Currently, the only source of income that this translators association has is the money it receives from its members.

That’s why these figures might strike you as exaggerated. The idea of the Literary Translators Society is to reduce them a reasonable level as soon as the translation association can generate other sources of income.

To know more about this literary translators association, contact the organization using the email address

The official language of Turkey is Turkish, a language spoken as a native language by over 83 million people worldwide.

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