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Translation Association Eurasia: ITAThe Israel Translators Association (ITA) is the only Israeli professional organisation representing translation and other languages professionals.

Their mission is to advance “the professional development of its members”, at the same time as it contributes towards the advance of both theory and practice of translation, interpreting and editing in Israel. This way, “clients can benefit from professional, accurate and reliable translations”.

Even though they are the only professional organisation of this sort in Israel, there are other translation associations in the country. The ITA wishes to be “the leading representative of the community of translators, interpreters and editors in Israel”.

To accomplish their mission, the people in charge of the ITA have set a list of goals, such as the encouragement of best business practices between members of the association and their clients.

They also wish to enable the organisation’s members to develop professionally through “lectures, workshops, conferences and other events”, as well as to help fully or partially self-employed members to improve and focus their business skills towards more precise goals.

One of the ITA’s objectives is to use the fact that the organisation is a member of LAHAV, a Non Profit Organisation whose goal is to lobby for and protect the rights of freelance workers and independents, in order to provide its members with legal support and other benefits. Other than that, the ITA wants to “develop a system of recognition and certification for translators, interpreters and editors” that will benefit the profession.

With eyes set on the outside world, the ITA also seeks to promote translation, interpreting and editing, “as a group of related professions” and make them recognised both by the general public and institutions.

One very important goal for the ITA is “to champion the cultural importance of translation and editing as a means of safeguarding the Hebrew language”. At the same time it protects its cultural values, the Israeli Translators Association wishes “to strengthen ties with sister associations around the world”.

The ITA offers several services with the purpose of giving its members as many benefits as possible. Online, you can find information on current work opportunities. Moreover, you can read ITA’s brochure, ‘The Truth about Translation’, a document created in order “to increase awareness about the importance of our profession”.

Keep in mind that Israel is a linguistically and culturally diverse community, with over 33 languages and dialects used by local communities. However, modern Hebrew is the main language. Worldwide, there are around 8.5 million Hebrew speakers, though not necessarily the same version of the language, as there are a few variations.

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