Translators Associations Europe: CILIS

A contribute to reduce the cultural and communication barriers

Translators Associations Europe: CILISBased in Naples, Cooperative Italian Sign Language Interpreters (Cooperativa Interpreti di Lingua dei Segni Italiana or CILIS) is the only national organization established exclusively by professionals specialized in interpreting for the deaf.

The goal of this translation association has always been to offer deaf citizens, in cooperation with institutions and organizations that wish to sponsor these initiatives, a free interpretation service mainly at those locations, offices and at everyday situations where these citizens see their rights undermined.

This translation association focuses on proving training and updating Italian Sign Language to the school teachers and employees and also promotes seminars, workshops, and refresher courses.

Amongst other services, CILIS’s members interpret for TV stations, universities and public offices.

Keep in mind that Italian is the official language in Italy, a country with around 60 million people.

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