Translators Associations Europe: XARVA

A network of mutual support in Valencia

Translators Associations Europe: XARVAThe Network of Translators and Interpreters in the Valencian Community (Red de traductores e intérpretes de la Comunidad Valenciana or XARVA) was established in November 2003 and is an independent non-profit organization that aims defend the interests of professional translators and interpreters in the Valencian Community.

Its broader mission includes the following objectives: to promote, encourage and develop the professional profile of translators and interpreters of Valencia; promote and develop the exchange of information among members and act as a network of mutual support; organize events such as refresher courses, seminars or conferences; contact and collaborate with agencies and entities that members consider appropriate, both public and private sectors.

The board of directors of this translators association is composed of young well trained professionals that are aware of the difficulties and challenges that each practitioner is subjected to.

This group of people seeks at all times to provide the best answer always to the benefit of XARVA’s members.

How to join

This translators association welcomes as members individuals who are translators or interpreters or both and meet the entry requirements established.

There are two types of membership: full members (the annual fee is 60 €) and associate members (the annual fee is 30 €).

Full members have to have a Bachelor, Master or a foreign equivalent degree or present proof of having worked as a translator or an interpreter for at least the last five years.

Everyone who’s concerned with these activities can apply to associate membership. Associate members have no voting rights.

To become a member of this translation association, you have to share its aims and work to achieve them, pay your fees, abide by and enforce the association’s agreements, and act in accordance with XARVA’s statutory provisions.

If you are interested, go to XARVA’s website, download and fill in the registration form and sent it to the

Since its inception, this translators association has organized numerous training courses on many subjects, from the development programs of computer-assisted translation (CAT) to health-related aspects of the translator (relaxation courses and ergonomics) via the usual tools in translation, marketing needs and rules applied to the profession. Professional specialties, legal obligations like basic accounting and tax obligations, insurance cover are other matters that have been subject of training.

XARVA belongs to VERTEX, a group of leading professional translators associations, interpreters and proofreaders in Spain (former ASOCESP), whose purpose is the immediate and continuous exchange of information relevant to the sector.

On the website of this translation association clients can find a specific professional using a simple and fast search engine.

The same website has information about XARVA’s activities and meetings and works as a discussion forum where members can exchange news, concerns, questions and answers.

XARVA is on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep in mind that the province of Valencia has 2,4 million inhabitants – approximately 30 per cent live in the namesake city, the city of arts and science – that speak Spanish. In Spain alone there are 39,4 million Spanish native speakers, but the language is also spoken in populous countries like Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.


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