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A recent association in Belgium

Translators Associations Europe: ATLBThe Literary Translators' Association of Belgium (Association des Traducteurs Littéraires de Belgique or ATLB) is a new translators association that was officially presented very recently, in March 2012, at the Book Fair of Brussels.

The objectives of this translation association are to promote the quality of literary translations, including those of humanities works; ensure the visibility of the literary translator; foster cooperation and information exchange between actors in the literary world; have a good relationship with the authorities in order to support its members in the best way possible.

To achieve these goals, the Literary Translators' Association of Belgium organizes events that aim to develop or promote the social purpose of the translators association; promote trainings and seminars; advice on all issues related with the profession of the translator – legislative or practice issues relating to the creation, artistic heritage or copyrights.

In the interest of its members, this Belgium organization initiates partnerships with other associations and entities.

How to join

To become a full member of this translators association, the annual dues are 30 Euros. If you fulfill the requirements to become an associate member or student member, this fee is only 20 Euros.
And what are those requirements, might you ask. Here they are. An effective member has to be a literary translator and have translated at least one work of the spirit of or into French and collected as a result of copyright.

An associate member is a literary translator that has translated at least one work of authorship in any other language combination and have collected thus copyright.

A trainee member is anyone who wishes to become a literary translator but does not yet meet the requirements for membership or associate. This probationary status is limited to 3 years.

You can contact this translators association by email at

Keep in mind that in Belgium there are three official languages: German, French and Netherlands. This European country has around 10 million inhabitants.

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