Translators Associations Europe: LDÜ-UPT

A spokesman for qualified translators in South Tyrol

Translators Associations Europe: LDÜ-UPTThe National Association of Translators in South Tyrol (Landesverband der Übersetzer - Unione provinciale traduttori, shortened to LDÜ-UPT)was established in October 1991 in Bolzano, the capital of the north Italian province.

It acts as spokesman for qualified translators in South Tyrol and actively represents the interests of business and professional associates.

This translators association aims to educate the general public to the importance of translation and promotes solidarity among its members in order to achieve better working conditions.

This South Tyrolean trade association brings together professional language services providers that have a relevant university degree and professional experience in the field of translation.

The broader mission of this translation association is to promote the profession in the outside world and represent and offer assistance to both translators and clients.

On the website of this translators association, one can get information about the profession and LDÜ-UPT activities. Translators, specilally young professionals and young people, will find valuable information about training opportunities and career prospects.

In fact, in a time of rapidly changing linguistic and technological development, the education of its members is a particular concern of this translators association.
Therefore, LDÜ-UPT holds regular courses and seminars on topical issues, such as computer-aided translation and web-based research, the translation of specific technical papers and many other topics relevant to the profession.

This translators association also informs its members about international training events, conferences and workshops.

If you’re a customer, know that on LDÜ-UPT website it is possible to search for a translator. If you need help with a translation or a foreign-language text, will most certainly find here the right person for a customized solution. And you can select the desired source and target language.

There are four types of membership: freelancers, members that are not freelancers, young members and honorary members.
Being a member means being in contact with colleagues in South Tyrol; participating in internal training courses; being included on the list of active members as professionals (and thus gaining more visibility); receiving news about fiscal, legislative and bureaucratic issues that are relevant to your work; having support when entering the market as a freelancer.

Having a diploma degree in translation at an Italian university or the equivalent from a foreign university is a prerequisite to join this translators association. And because this is a territorial association, you would have to reside or work in South Tyrol.

Members are obliged to respect the code of ethics of the translation association.

If you have any questions, write an email to

Keep in mind that German and Italian are both official languages of South Tyrol. All over the world, German is spoken by an estimated 126 million people and Italian has almost 70 million native speakers.

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