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Translators Associations Europe: ACTAThe Association of Czech Translation Agencies (ACTA), created in 2005, had the point of creating an interest group of legal providers of translation and interpreting services. Since the beginning, it’s been playing an important part in the Czech Republic and in Europe.

One of the goals defined by the founding members of ACTA is to unify translation companies and also to motivate interaction and cooperation among this group of companies. At the same time, it wishes to provide protection and to promote the growth of the translation and interpreting market in the Czech Republic.

ACTA obviously wish to see all companies that form this translators association generating profit and gaining national and international prestige. For that to happen, the people in charge intend to assist and promote the development of those companies. One of the ways to do so is to conduct regular market surveys, as well as to provide members with expertise and allow that information on all matters concerning translation and interpreting are shared.

Papers, journals, books, circulars and documents in general, which may contribute for the fulfilment of any of the translation association’s goals, will be shared between the members of ACTA.

Another of ACTA’s goals is to help improve and promote “general and technical knowledge, the quality of enterprises, companies and individuals operating in the translation and interpreting industry or any related industries”. They wish to fight professional negligence and promote an honest conduct within the profession.

It’s also one of ACTA intentions to conduct any research “that is considered necessary or desirable in order to meet any of the Association’s objectives”. It supports innovation and the implementation of all improvement processes.

At ACTA, they have a list of all association members, with the emphasis on details about their specialised qualifications, which may help them find job opportunities. The association is happy to make available all profiles that might qualify for certain jobs which would benefit both parts.

With their mind set on the future, they “encourage exchanges of young translators and interpreters, organise trainings for new entrants to the industry, refresher courses and other related activities”.

Outside the Czech Republic, the people responsible for ACTA wish to represent, as well as promote the interests of all members when there are negotiations with European and international institutions or organisations.

Keep in mind that Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic. It’s a West Slavic language with approximately 12 million native speakers. It is similar to Slovak.

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