Translators Associations Europe: ADAT

An active association with headquarters in Copenhagen

Translators Associations Europe: ADATThe Association of Danish Authorized Translators is an active association with headquarters in Copenhagen and represented in a number of other translators associations and several organizations, both at home and abroad.

This translators association is a member of the International Federation of Translators (IFT or FIT, from the French Fédération Internationale de Traducteurs), the Danish Language Council and the Liberal Commerce Council, just to name a few.

Its purpose is, among other things, to work to ensure and enhance members' opportunities to develop their professional skills, including through training and organization of technical events, and in the profession in general.

Membership is open to translators and whoever operates an independent translation and interpretation company. One thing is certain: all of its members have to have a translation degree or a master's degree in business language. They are authorized by the Danish government as translators and interpreters. That way, the title is protected and translation professionals have the exclusive right to produce certified translations.

The members of this Danish translators association perform translate documents of all kinds. Law, engineering, economics and marketing are just examples of the wide range of areas they cover. Further, they carry out tasks associated with localization, subtitling, proofreading, quality assurance and use of new language technology, amongst other.

Authorized translators and interpreters do interpretation work for different activities, such as businesses, courts and police. On this association's website, you can easily find a translator or check-out the courses that are being prepared.

Ethical rules

This translators association designed a code of ethics to promote and develop a good collegial relationship among its members. The idea was to strengthen the association and its members reputation.

Members can be competitors, it is only natural that they are, but they have to bear in mind the common interest of building a successful organization and an industry based on mutual cooperation and common framework.

They should be professionals, competent, technical speaking, compliant with the Danish law and do quality work. 

The translators association encourages its members to compete fairly and honor good business practices. For example, they are advised to have an open relationship with their clients, to work with written agreements and contracts, drawn up based on good practice, and to be responsible.

The contracts serve to set the mode of delivery, the delivery time, copyright in translations and terminology, other supporting material as well as provisions on price and payment.

The Association of Danish Authorized Translators has a ethics board to whom members can complain about other members or other type of situation.

Keep in mind that Danish is the official language of Denmark, a country with around 5 million inhabitants.

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