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Translation Associations Europe: SELTAThe Swedish-English Literary Translators Association (SELTA) was formally created in the beginning of 1982, after “several years of informal liaison among many of those active in the field of Swedish-English translation”.

According to its leading members, this translation association “acts as a pressure group, an information exchange and a register of translators”. For SELTA, contact with publishers is very important, thus it keeps in touch with English-language and Swedish-language publishing houses. Moreover, SELTA maintains contact with “relevant and cultural organisations in Britain, Sweden and Finland”.

In spite of being a Swedish organisation, SELTA’s members meet once or twice a year, in London, at the Swedish Embassy. Some of these events have guest speakers. There are other extraordinary events organised by both the Embassy and SELTA.

The aims SELTA has defined are simple to read: “to promote the publication of Swedish and Finland-Swedish literature in English” and “to represent the interests of those involved in the translation of Swedish literature into English”.

The Swedish literary translators association keeps a register of all Swedish-English translators available. On their profile, you can find details of published translations and types of work that they undertake. If you’re a publisher or an agent, you can also have access to this information. All you have to do is request it from the association’s secretary.

There are two categories of membership at SELTA. You can be a full member or an associate member.

To join SELTA, you should get in touch with the association by email. With your reply, you will get a document with more detailed information about the Swedish association, including some further clarifying on membership categories and a membership application form.

Swedish Book Review

SELTA sends regular newsletters to its members, and it has an email group.

Moreover, the Swedish association is responsible for the publication of the Swedish Book Review. Established in 1983, it is published twice a year, with “an additional supplementary issue every years on a particular theme or author”. Members don’t have to pay for it, it is included in the membership subscription, and everyone interested can subscribe to it.

The main aim of this magazine is to inform the English-speaking world about Swedish literature. In it, you may find translated extracts from works by Swedish authors, often accompanied by an introductory article. Most of its contributors are based abroad, but have kept in touch with the Swedish scene, therefore they are able to reflect “Swedish views on their literature” as well as “provide a valuable international perspective”.

“As well as established writers, SBR introduces new or lesser-known writers (including Finland-Swedish authors and poets).”

Keep in mind that Swedish, a North Germanic language, is spoken by approximately 10 million people, mainly in Sweden but also in parts of Finland, especially along its coast and on the Åland islands. It is largely mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Danish.

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