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Born in Syracuse only in 2010

Translators Associations Europe: AssITIGAssITIG (short for Associazione Europea di Traduttori e Interpreti Giuridici) is an Italian association of legal translators and court interpreters. Established in 2010, this translators association is a non-profit organization based in Syracuse, Sicily.

AssITIG is a member of the European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association (EULITA), and the first Italian translators association represented in the European context.

It aims to promote the quality of translation and interpretation through the professionalization of the legal translator/interpreter; promote legislative initiatives with the purpose of recognizing the legal status of its members; ensure the interests of justice, the fundamental principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms, through highly qualified professional services; promote training and professional development through education courses and continuing education programs; and guarantee the best working conditions and fair and reasonable remuneration of translators and interpreters working in the legal-judicial field.

How to join

Members are fitted in four categories: ordinary members – legal translators, court interpreters and translators, transcribers –; practitioners – translators that have not yet gained professional work experience –; aggregates – students of subjects related to legal translation, colleges, high schools for interpreters and translators, provided that they are recognized, every institution or association engaged in promoting the achievement of AssITIG’s social goals –; and honorary members – those who have morally and materially supported the association.

The two first categories are expected to know at least one high-level foreign language – foreign members must have the same level of proficiency in Italian.

If you’re interested in becoming an ordinary member or an associate practitioner, you must submit an application accompanied by educational qualifications, curriculum vitae and documented by the certificates required.

Moreover, ordinary members must pass an exam and a favorable period of apprenticeship (this is true also for practitioners).

The members of this translators association are entitled to participate in all activities sponsored by the AssITIG, such as congresses, seminars and lectures; can use the official website of the association; and are allowed to visit its library and consult books, magazines and other supports of information.

Keep in mind that Italian is the official language in Italy, a country with around 60 million people.

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