Translators Associations Europe: ATAA

Bringing together translators and adapters

Translators Associations Europe: ATAAThe French Association of Audiovisual of Translators/ Adaptors (Association des Traducteurs / Adaptateurs de l'Audiovisuel or ATAA) was founded in 2006 in Paris by a group of audiovisual professional translators. It brings together all translators and adapters, both French and foreign, engaged in the following areas: subtitling; dubbing; voice-overs (dubbing documentaries); and subtitling aimed at deaf.

Its objectives are divided into four main areas: federate audiovisual adapters, often isolated, and enable them to dialogue and exchange of information; increase public awareness to the issues of audiovisual adaptation; become a partner of representative and legitimate institutions; enhance the business and establish a dialogue with all stakeholders (technical service providers, distributors, broadcasters, video editors) in order to
promote the quality of translations.

In 2010, this translation association had nearly 200 members. Two-thirds of them worked simultaneously in several specialties of audiovisual adaptation. This was the composition of the “cake”: 72% to subtitling translation; 51% to the voice-over; 19% to doubling; and 18% to subtitling aimed at deaf.

The sources of income of this translators association are the contributions of its members; subsidies awarded by the French state, the departments, municipalities and public institutions; and publishing revenues.


ATAA has a website ( and a blog ( / blog) that focuses on the news of the profession and is devoted to anyone who’s interested in audiovisual translation; organizes communication activities; holds workshops for the public to discover the
backstage of a audiovisual translation and experience the
constraints adapters face.

ATAA is also a regular presence in specialized international conferences; intervenes in the annual training of translation broadcasting to inform future graduates of the profession and warn them about the difficulties it encounters; dialogues with the institutional stakeholders (authors' societies, ministries, pension funds and social security organizations, unions, amongst others); and discusses regularly with translations sponsors.

How to join
Membership is open to all professionals of audiovisual translation, dubbing and subtitling authors, voice-over adapters and subtitling for deaf and hearing impaired authors.

To join the association, one must be approved by ATAA’s Board and agree to sign a code of ethics of the profession which can be accessed on the
website of this translators association.

The amount members pay are left at their discretion, but there is a minimum contribution: 30 Euros.

Keep in mind that French is the official language of France. Around the world there are around 130 million French speakers.

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