Translators association Europe: NAViO

Bringing visibility to Norwegian audiovisual translators

Translators association Europe: NAViOThe Norwegian Audiovisual Translators Association (NAViO) was founded in 1997, is one of the youngest translators associations in the world and represents approximately 85% of the translators in Norway.

Before 1997, there was no organization that encompassed audiovisual translators interests.

Today, this translators association based in Oslo is open to anyone involved in audiovisual translation and is working to improve conditions for the translators in Norway, by improving remuneration and working conditions; increasing the power of translators' reputation with the authorities and the public; working with language authorities and educational institutions; providing social and academic events; and defending remuneration and other collective rights.

The audiovisual translation scenario is relatively small in Norway. This means that it is also fairly straight forward and that communication within it is good and that there are no major barriers between the individual members and the association's governing bodies.

In this field, clients are often multinational corporations and if left by themselves translators are almost invisible in this context. Therefore, NAViO works with sister organizations abroad and participates in various forums both in Norway and in Europe bearing in mind the best interest of its members.

NAViO also cooperates with Norwegian organizations representing the academic and literary translators and interpreters.


It was a group of seven audiovisual translators who voluntarily worked to prepare the establishment of a new organization focused in defending audiovisual translators.

They met regularly since the spring of 1997 and the worked resulted in a strategic plan, bylaws and a name. On the evening of 15 October 1997, 31 audiovisual translators sat in the meeting that gave formal birth to this translators association.

Keep in mind that Norwegian is the official language of Norway. It is spoken by around 5 million people.

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