Translators Associations Europe: ATIBH

Connecting translators and interpreters in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Translators Associations Europe: ATIBHThe Association of Translators and Interpreters of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded in 2008 and aims to develop the profession of translating and interpreting.

It is a non-governmental organization of public interest, that works in three sections: Scientific and Technical Translation; Conference Interpretation; and Literary Translation.

The objectives of this translators association are to connect translators and interpreters in Bosnia and Herzegovina and represent their joint rights and interests; raise the level of translation and interpretation in order to protect the profession, translators and interpreters, and clients; connect with professional associations of translators and interpreters in the region and in Europe for the purposes of cooperation, exchange of experience, and membership; and promote professional development and training.

How they came about

At the beginning of 2008, a group of professional conference interpreters and literary, scientific and technical translators launched an initiative to form this unique translators association. They wanted to renew the work of two pre-war associations of scientific and technical translators and literary translators and include interpreters in the new organization.

Translators and interpreters from across Bosnia and Herzegovina were brought together with the objective of uniting them in a way that would enable equal participation of colleagues from across the country in order to work on promoting translation and interpretation as a profession both in urban centres and all other places where translators and interpreters work. 

The founding assembly was held on 26 June 2008.

Become  a member
Membership is not limited to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina or language degree holders. Translators and interpreters with academic qualifications from other areas or with a secondary school level of education may become members of this translation association through recommendations from three active members of the Association (in case of secondary school qualifications) or by proof of professional qualifications (published translations, etc.).

To apply for membership, you need to fill out the application form and present proof that you fulfill the requirements and that you have payed the membership fee (100 BAM). If you fulfil the conditions for membership, you may send your application form by e-mail to

Remember: photocopies of relevant diplomas and certificates serve as proof of academic qualifications. To proof your professional qualifications, you must send, along with your application, a list of published translations with relevant data or an appropriate document to certify conference interpreting.

The process is complet once you fill out a supplement to the membership application given out information that shall be publicly accessible through the members register. This way you'll be contacted later by interested parties on the basis of working language(s), experience, location, etc.

On the website of this translation association you can check out their plan of activities and 'surf' a discussion forum.

Keep in mind that Bosnian is the official language in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Spoken by a total of 2,7 million people, this language has a very controversial history – a public discussion has been held of whether tits name should be Bosnian or Bosniak, the designation of the Muslim part of the population.

When you fill-in your profile details to become a Lexis member, always choose your mother tongue as your working language. Lexis – Connections with meaning

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