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Translators Associations Europe: MEGYThe Association of Hungarian Literary Translators (Magyar Mufordítók Egyesülete or MEGY) is an organization of public utility with headquarters in Budapest. Therefore, it offers its services not only its members but others as well. It was established in September 2003.

The broader mission of this translators association is to represent and enforce the interest of Hungarian literary translators.

MEGY aims to improve their payment conditions and their moral appreciation by the general public.

Other objectives of this translation association are to promote and protect high quality translations (and through these promote public education); ensure the exchange of information between individuals professionally concerned with translating all types of literary work; and foster relations with publishers and important figures and organizations of the sector.

This translators association encourages cooperation with other translators associations and international organizations and takes an active role in seeking and utilizing domestic and international financial sources to help translators work.


MEGY intends to reach its aims by compiling a pattern contract representing the interest of literary translators; conducting negotiations with the major groups and representatives of publishing and cultural life; organizing conferences; and launching and taking part in training programs.

Its range of activities goes from scientific research to training and education, via cultural activity, protection of cultural heritage and promotion of Euro-Atlantic integration.


Membership is granted to every Hungarian or foreign translator.

You can join MEGY at anytime by sending your curriculum, a list of publications and a letter of recommendation written by at least one acknowledged literary translator to the following email address:

MEGY’s membership fee is 6000 Forints per year.

Members are entitled to take part in the association’s programs and to initiate a debate on any issues; address, express opinion, put a resolution and vote it at the general assembly; take part in the election of officials; and be elected as official.

On MEGY’s website, you can read more about this translators association. You can also check out its members and participate in a discussion forum.

Keep in mind that the official language in Hungary is Hungarian and that the country hs around 10 million inhabitants.

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