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Creating a generation of doctorate translators and interpreters

Translators Associations Europe: DGÜDThe German Association for Translation and Interpreting (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Übersetzungs- und Dolmetschwissenschaft or DGÜD) is a scientific society dedicated to strengthening the research profile and the promotion of young scientists in the Translation and Interpreting fields. It is based in Saarbrücken and was established in 1996.

DGÜD came to light to give response to the lack of a scientific society in the subject of Translation and Interpreting and set the conditions to create a generation of doctorate trained and qualified translators and interpreters.

The mission of this translators association is to promote the integrity of this scientific discipline in society, politics, economy, science and technology both at a national and international level.

This translation association promotes young scientists; the scientific theory of the subject in the universities, particularly in its epistemological conditions; the issuing of publications on the subject; and research projects in the field of translation and interpreting.

International exchanges in the field of translation and interpreting and the development of guidance for scientific work are encouraged by the DGÜD.

This translators association organizes scientific conferences, seminars and training sessions and offers its members preferential rates at events (like the Saarbrücken Symposium), as well as the assessment of scientific works, both in terms of annual volumes and fonts.


Want to become a member of the DGÜD? This translators association welcomes as ordinary members individuals with appropriate academic qualifications. As for supporting membership, this category covers organizations, commercial companies, government agencies and research institutes.

Know that the membership fee is 50 Euros per year – students may request a reduced membership fee – and that membership applications and inquiries should be send directed to the office of the DGÜD. Use this email address

Keep in mind that German is the official language of Germay. It is spoken by an estimated 126 million people.

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