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Defending the literary translators in Lithuania

In Lithuania there is a literary translators associationThe Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators (Lietuvos literatûros vertëjø sàjunga or LLVS) was founded in May 2004 and currently has 121 members, 105 of them regular and 16 honorary members.

This translators association objectives are to bring together translators of fiction, poetry, and humanities, protect the professional, social, legal and financial status of translators, encourage the professional and highly mastered art of translation, promote theory and criticism of literary translation, create better conditions for translators, call to public attention their creative work, promote the quality of literary translations published in Lithuania and, finally, promote international culture and literature in the country.

In Lithuania, translators are seen as important people because they help to preserve and enrich the native language itself. In fact, it is gratifying to see that linguists are eager to consult the translators.

LLVS is member of the Lithuanian Association of Artists since 2007, the European Council of Associations of Literary Translators (CEATL) since 2005, the International Federation of Translators (FIT) since 2009, the Baltic Writers' Council (BWC) since 2007 and the Three Seas Writers' and Translators' Council (TSWTC) since 2004.

The Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators represents its member’s best interests with state institutions, before the law and in matters regarding copyright protection.

LLVS organizes several activities and co-operates with Lithuanian artists unions and cultural institutions as well as with foreign translators associations, cultural representatives and foundations.

If you would like to work as a translator with state institutions in Lituhania, it could be useful to join LLVS. Why? Because this translators association draws up contracts with those institutions on long-term programs of assistance for translators – its projects are financed by the Ministry of Culture and the Culture Support Foundation.

Members also receive important information about tax and social policy, copyright, fees, topical professional news, events and conferences, awards, contests, grants and workshops in Lithuania and abroad. Check it out on LLVS's website (if you become a member, you will receive regular newsletters with these news).

LLVS also maintains a translators database, presents a model contract, celebrates Translators Day – St. Jerome, on September 30th – and World Book and Copyright Day, organizes contests and gives awards, such as the St. Jerome Award, Dominykas Urbas Prize (for young translators – not older than 35) and the Companion Prize.

Throughout the year, LLVS organizes meetings with translators and book presentations in public libraries of various Lithuanian towns, discussions, workshops and courses for the training of novice translators and conferences.

The objective of these initiatives – a small sample of what this very active translators association does – is to solve problems of translating practice and increase skills of translators.

The terms to become a member of LLVS are simple. You can be a professional translator from Lithuania or abroad as long as you translate works of literature or humanities. Also if you have published at least two translated books, two plays which have been produced by theatre companies or six or more substantial translations of poetry.

There's also another modality: an associate member can be a novice translator who has translated and published one book, one play which has been staged or significant translations in periodicals.

Keep in mind that 3,5 million live in Lithuania where the official language is Lithuanian.

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