Translators Associations Europe: ACEtt

Defending the Spanish literary translators

Translators Associations Europe: ACEttThe Spanish Literary Translators Association (Sección Autónoma de Traductores de Libros de la Asociación Colegial de Escritores de España or ACEtt) came to light in 1983 and currently has almost 600 members. Its primary aim was to defend the interests and legal, property or any other rights of literary translators.

Also among the goals of this translators association is the promotion of all activities and initiatives that can contribute to improve the social and professional situation of translators, debate and reflect on translation and gain the recognition of the cultural significance of the figure of the translator.

This translation association was founded with the aim of bringing together the literary translators within a writer’s organization.

It hast over almost 30 years of existence and was a part of the process of creating legal frameworks to regulate the profession of translator, such as the Copyright Act, a document that recognizes the authorship of the translator.

The Copyright Act is important because it prevents translators from having their work exploited by publishers and losing property of translation.

One of the biggest efforts this Spanish translators association has made is creating a social awareness of the need and importance of the literary translator as an indispensable element in the dissemination of culture.


The objectives of the Spanish Literary Translators Association are, for example, to ensure compliance with copyright law, defend the use of model contracts agreed with the Federation of Publishers' Guilds of Spain, fight for better social security benefits, develop links with other translators associations to create a broader framework of action.

This organization also tries to consolidate and expand its contacts with other professional associations of literary translators and other specialties and coordinates the work of the associates with its legal counsel.
This counseling is given in matters regarding the relationship between translators and their publishers and also in cases of daily and particular claims of the partners.

Cultural activities

This translators association often campaigns for a greater presence of the translator and the association itself in the media; gives out the Esther Benitez Prize; organizes the meeting "El ojo de Polisemo" (it means The eye of Polisemo) that bridges professionals and a different university each year; promotes workshops in Madrid and Barcelona – and extends these workshops to other places whenever it is possible –; develops activities in the Madrid Book Fair; publishes the journal "Vasos comunicantes" and collaborates with other entities.

Keep in mind that Spanish is spoken not only in Spain, a country with 39,4 million inhabitants, but also in populous countries like Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

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