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Discussing theoretical and practical problems of literary translation

Translators Associations Europe: CTLThe Center for Literary Translation of the University of Lausanne (CTL) was established in 1989 by a professor called Walter Lenschen, in order to promote the discussion of theoretical and practical problems of literary translation.

The University of Lausanne itself was born in 1537 and the translators association is financed by both this institution and the city.

As a translation association that aims to encourage people to talk and think about the profession, CTL develops several activities such as seminars, conferences, scientific research projects and public readings in all languages.

These meetings – that are intended to promote literary translation and, more broadly, of contemporary writing – often happen to mark the publication of a French translation, followed by a discussion of the translation work in which the public actively participates – CTL normally invites both authors and their translators.

To organize these bilingual meetings, CTL is often associated with other institutions like literary houses, consulates, language departments, libraries or translators associations.

The Center for Literary Translation also publishes a series of brochures with translated literary and theoretical texts on topics related to translation and four books a year, divided into three series: "Journal of CTL", "Lake Geneva Price" – the Lake Geneva Prize for Translation is given every three years – and "Bilingual collection of poetry."

This translators association doesn’t see itself as a training center for translators, but there have been held some continuing education courses.

Online directory

If you’re an exchange student or own a translation company and are looking for newly licensed translators contact the CTL using the email address or filling out the form that’s on the website of this translation association.

You can also look up translators on the CTL’s online directory. It’s free of charge and simple. Editors, writers, advertising companies, translation agencies, businesses and other private individuals can access names, addresses and specialties of translators of Switzerland and Swiss translators living abroad.

Translators, even those who aren’t specialized in literary translation, can apply to have a showcase on this online directory through a simple registration by email and once they’re in they need to update their registration every six months. Registration is free.

Keep in mind that there are three official languages in Switzerland: German, French and Italian.

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