Translators Associations Europe: AIT

Establishing contact between students and professional organizations

Translators Associations Europe: AITThe Swiss Association of Students of Translation and Interpretation (Association des Etudiants en Traduction et Interprétation or AETI) is based in Geneva and represents the interests of around 400 students both at a university level and outside the university.

One of the main goals of this translators association is to promote knowledge exchanges between students from different native languages, backgrounds, and cultures.

Other objectives of this translation association are to promote contacts and cultural exchange between students of different years and units and to welcome new students; encourage contacts between students from the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation (formerly ETI) and other students of the University of Geneva; represent the interests of students with the faculty; encourage contacts between students from this faculty and their counterparts in other universities grouped within the International Student Translators and Interpreters (SIETI); establish contact between students and professional organizations.

With this in mind, AETI collects and disseminates information between students on matters related to their life and the university life; is committed to dialoging with the faculty liders and administration to enforce the views of students on issues that affect them; takes the needed and appropriate actions to achieve its goals.

All students enrolled in the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation – founded in 1941, it is one of the oldest schools of translation and interpretation – have the opportunity to obtain a certificate that certifies their ability to use a specific computer assisted translation software.

On its website, the Swiss Association of Students of Translation and Interpretation also provides members and non-members – you can access it just by following a link – a guide to write a master thesis in Translation and a guide to write a dissertation in Translation (both published by the Department of Translation and French Translation).

On the same website, associates get to access a member’s only area.

The email address to contact this translation association is the following:

Keep in mind that Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. However, only the first three are considered official the Federal Administration of the Swiss Confederation.

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